Will Glucose Determine How Long You Live?

Did you know that blood sugar also known as blood glucose has a major influence on your life? The level of glucose circulating in your bloodstream can determine whether you get heart disease, cancer, or Alzheimer’s disease, as well as type 2 diabetes. And if you need to lose weight, high glucose levels will make it more difficult. In fact your blood sugar level will  likely  play an important role in how long you live and your quality of life, especially as you get older. For it is now known that low glucose levels activate beneficial cell signals, associated with longer disease-free life in every living species – from worms to humans.

When most people think of  their blood glucose levels, they hearken back to their annual physical results. This is usually fasting glucose, taken after fasting for eight hours or more. Fasting glucose levels over 99 mg/dL (that’s approximately 5.5 mmol) are associated with increased risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).  If your glucose level is significantly higher than that, ask your doctor to test you for T2DM and pancreatic cancer, for it is known that likelihood of pancreatic cancer increases when fasting glucose soars upward, approaching 200 mg/dl.

Post-meal glucose: also a risk

Even if you do have healthy fasting glucose levels, according to the International Diabetes Federation: Post-meal (postprandial) glucose levels above 144 increase risk significantly – not just of the diseases mentioned above, but also obesity, dementia, macular degeneration and many other problems.

Regrettably, many with high glucose levels, immediately begin taking a medication for the problem. How sad to think of the money wasted, when   healthful calorie restriction diet plans and lifestyles can produce phenomenal glucose control in most people.

Swing Foods

Healthy readers may proudly say to themselves that “sugar and simple starches that send glucose upward are not part of my diet.” But don’t take your seemingly healthful diet for granted. In  the new  eBook, The CR Way to Great Glucose Control, favorites like blueberries or sweet potatoes are no longer considered healthy in every form. Rather, they are classified as  “Swing Foods:” Depending on how they are prepared,  they  swing from helping keep blood glucose low to sending glucose to levels so high that your doctor may send you home with a diagnosis of diabetes. Most likely everyone who reads this has these or other “Swing Foods” in their diet.

While most health experts acknowledge that keeping blood glucose low is important, people need a guide to help them prepare swing foods healthfully and manage all the other everyday challenges they face to maintain glucose at healthful levels.

This prompted the creation of The CR Way to Glucose Control, which introduces people to a whole new world of healthful living. Benefiting from thousands of glucose tests of  calorie restriction recipes and foods, the e-Book provides lifestyle guides that take people through the day – from when they wake up to when they get ready for bed – complete with CR diet plans offering suggested glucose goals for each meal.

Everyone can benefit from keeping glucose levels low, even if your health is already excellent. Separate calorie restriction lifestyle and diet plans are provided for people without diabetes and for people with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes – so people can choose a plan that fits their needs.

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