Calorie Restriction the CR Way™ – The Healthiest Diet for Losing Weight!

If you want to lose weight healthfully, you must consider calorie restriction. People are drawn to calorie restriction diet plans because they want more than just weight loss: They want to improve their health, prevent disease, and even extend their lives. Research shows that this is possible: A study of elderly Okinawans who followed calorie restriction for 60 years and limited calories by only 11 percent produced astounding results. Their average lifespan is the longest, recorded in the world while they also experience less heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. Their quality of life is better too: Many Okinawans who practice calorie restriction stay active well into their nineties and beyond.1

Calorie Restriction and Weight Loss

Calorie restriction diet plans are popular because, in addition to producing extraordinary health benefits, weight loss is easy. The most popular calorie restriction diet plan – the CR Way – offers healthful menu plans for weight loss that are nutritious, delicious, and easy to prepare. But any diet can make those claims. What makes the CR Way different? The CR Way focuses on slowing the rate at which cells divide. Cells in many tissues of the body replicate continually. Scientists suggest that calorie restriction extends life by slowing the cell replication process. That’s very different from many diets that may actually increase the rate of cell replication, producing weight loss but also increasing disease risk and possibly shortening lifespan.

Enjoy Weight Loss!

CR Way diet plans are fun to follow. Start by replacing just one unhealthful comfort food with a simple, easy-to-prepare snack like strawberries and a heart-healthy fat source like walnuts or almond butter. Make it decadent if you want by adding some nonfat cocoa power to the almond butter or to the juice from the strawberries. Eat this CR Way delight two or three times a week, and play some of your favorite music in the background to make your new CR Way experience especially enjoyable. You will have started to follow a calorie restriction diet plan effortlessly.

Soon the empty-calorie foods that add pounds and that enslave you with addictive preferences for salt, sugar, and fat will no longer seem attractive. You’ll love the new energetic way you feel, and others will begin to notice.

Your heart will thank you, too, with lower blood pressure and a slower pulse rate. You will be traveling the CR Way to a happier, healthier, and longer life.

Calorie restriction Cures Type 2 Diabetes

If weight challenges are the likely cause of your Type 2 diabetes or prediabetes, you now have more hope than ever of curing your disease – not with drugs, but with a weight-loss partnership between you and your doctor: Research presented at the Radiological Society of America’s annual meeting (Nov. 2011) shows that a cohort of obese men and women with type 2 diabetes mellitus was able to cure their disease by following a calorie-restricted diet: They eliminated their need for insulin medications.2 After following a 500-calorie-a-day diet for four months – the average body mass index of the obese cohort dropped out of obesity into the overweight range at 27.5. AND indicators of cardiovascular function improved.3

People with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes who follow a CR Way diet to reverse their disease should do so under medical supervision. Eating meals with as few calories as in the study is not necessary. A less restrictive plan that also addresses psychological needs has a better chance of long-term success. Care should be taken to make the diet delicious, flexible, and culturally friendly – so that people enjoy their dieting experience and establish new eating habits that they will keep.

For the best chances of success, the diets should be planned to increase neurotransmitters that are known to make dieting easier. At the end of their weight-loss period, people should transition into eating more calories in a healthful mode that will sustain them for life. Even with medical supervision, most people will need help in implementing this program. So The CR Way Longevity Center utilizes regular teleconferences and doctor participation programs, which greatly increase chances for success. This program confirms research into best communications practice for weight loss programs.4

So when you evaluate your weight goals, think about this: Besides your appearance – how much do you value your life, your friends, your family, and the joy of being alive? And how would you like every aspect of your life to be better: To have more energy to do the things you want to do? To look better, feel better, work better, and play better? And 10 years from now, how would you like to be able to function much the same or even better than you do today?

If any of these questions resonates with you, become a member of Find out more about how good it feels to enjoy delicious approaches to healthful eating and living that make weight loss easy and may help you slow and even reverse age-related decline.

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