CR Way Singles – a Supportive Place for Calorie Restriction

The CR Way attracts extraordinary people. Some are married and many are single. Our members often have much in common. They are usually highly intelligent, well educated, and cultured – enjoying art and music. And of course they are interested in optimal health and long life. Many are extraordinarily healthy, and all are getting that way if they aren’t already. Some are religious while others are atheists or agnostic.  Some would like to eliminate death altogether and reach escape velocity where science advances fast enough so that it can extend your life faster than the rate at which you are aging.

Politics vary too – we have an almost equal mix of conservatives and liberals and a high percentage of libertarian-leaning folk. Many are straight and others are gay or bisexual. All are welcome and welcoming.

Another essential aspect of being part of this community is sensitivity to others and supportiveness. Did you notice that the angry attacks and moronic insults so often seen on the Web are absent from CR Way forums? Angry insults have no place in a site that’s oriented toward longevity. This is a huge advantage of a members-only site. You can choose to be a free Healthy Start or full member, but you can’t come here totally anonymously.  Indeed, it is well known that forming a supportive network of friends is an essential aspect of becoming a centenarian. So it is no accident that we planned the LivingTheCRWay environment to be conducive to helping you build your own supportive friends network.

Now that you are here, reading this, you may realize that this is a perfect place to meet people – strike up a friendship and, who knows, maybe find the love of your life — It could happen. Worse case: You make friends. So we invite all who want to find friends to take advantage of the Finding Friends Forum.

If you want to find a potential partner, make sure to include your age, sex, sexual orientation, and the things that interest you. Please make no mistake: The Finding Friends Forum is for everyone who wants to make CR Way friends, whether you are seeking a partner or not. Lots of people post in this Forum because they want to find others close to home to share their CR Way experience. All are welcome and welcoming.

Almost twenty years ago, we met each other in the Open Center – a NYC haven for yoga, meditation, and holistic living. Out of an over-populated, sometimes socially cold, metro area of 18+ million people, our mutual interests brought us together. By virtue of being a member of the CR Way, you have come to a similar place. You are surrounded by folks with things in common with you.

Expensive dating services would be hard pressed to do what you have already done by being here. Please, take advantage of it.

Another beneficial aspect of the CR Way is the live teleconferences. Nothing beats discussing the science and practice – hearing other’ applications. Then there’s the 800 number too that people can call if something doesn’t work or they need help. This is all part of the CR Way to help nurture you so that you enjoy your life more now and live longer and happier.

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