The CR Way – a priceless gift!

Calorie Restriction and the Right to be Healthy

Remember Rosa Parks – She was the courageous Black woman who refused to comply with the unjust laws that required Black people to sit in the back of public buses. Thanks to Rosa, many reforms were begun that brought about change in societies gone mad with the mean behavior of racial injustice.

We find many parallels between the civil rights movement and the CR movement. We live in a society gone mad with excess eating. Teams of “scientists” with huge research budgets work on inventing addictive junk foods with one thing in mind: profits.  Their goal is to get us hooked on something that we’ll buy again and again – even if it’s bad for us. And they couldn’t care less whether they get you hooked on a “comfort food” that makes you obese and prone to disease and eventually kills you.  After all, another body will be available to take your place to ring the cash register.

Meanwhile, the results of their work are all too clear: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s  and other deadly and unnecessary diseases spiral out of control – fomenting tragedy, and hardship and threatening to bankrupt heath care systems across the western and eastern worlds.

The Science of Calorie Restriction

If you are a CR scientist, we urge you to stop describing serious human calorie restrictors engaging in an extreme or severe practice. We are doing neither. Hundreds of millions of people can and do “restrict” calories enough to benefit and they need your research to tell them how best to do it.  This is the only way people can truly activate the cell signaling that leads to longer life and less disease.  We need language that encourages people to eat healthfully, rather than words that scare them away.

Soon new research will be published, showing beyond reasonable doubt that a calorie restriction diet slows aging at the cellular level. So when you are thinking about gifts for the holidays as well as New Year’s resolutions, think about this: How much do you value your life, your friends, your family, and the joy of being alive? And how would you like every aspect of your life to be better – to have more energy to do the things you want to do?   – to look better, to feel better, to work better and play better? And how would you like it if 10 years from now, you could function much the same or even better than you do today?

If the answer is yes! to any of these questions,  join the CR Way.  Find out more about how good it feels to enjoy delicious approaches to happy eating and living.

Give yourself and those whom you love a holiday gift that’s priceless, a gift that will increase the quality of life every minute: The CR Way to the joy of a longer, better life.

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