Calorie Restriction Weight Loss, a healthy way to lose weight

The CR Way approach to a calorie restriction diet with optimal nutrition (CRON) is surely one of the world’s healthiest, happiest ways to lose weight. This is not a fly-by-night diet that promises you will lose 30 pounds in 30 days. Rather, this is a gradual, long-term approach that makes a major difference in your health. You will lose weight and end up with phenomenal health.

Some diets offer dangerous suggestions that, indeed, may be successful in producing weight loss but in the process may increase risk by activating hormones, associated with greater incidence of several different kinds of cancers as well as artery plaque formation. Other diets may offer foods that are dangerous because of their high GI (Glycemic Index), thus increasing your risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease – the big killers.

The CR Way approach to calorie restriction weight loss is dramatically different. Based on 75 years of scientific studies, it shows that a calorie-restricted nutrient-dense diet protects against disease and extends healthy years of life.

The CR Way approach offers more than just eating fewer calories, which can be boring and ignores your emotional side. If you’ve ever reverted to your comfort foods after just a few days on a new diet, it’s almost certainly your emotions at work. We encourage you to begin without limiting a single calorie. Rather, you will learn to plan foods and other aspects of your lifestyle that will increase your happiness level. You’ll find that food choices can make a huge difference in whether you feel depressed or exhilarated and ready to take on any challenge – including losing those pounds.

The CR Way to Happy Dieting,  a unique resource to members, changes your biochemistry so you are predisposed to feeling happier. This is then combined with delicious foods and recipes that taste so good that you can easily become healthfully “addicted” to them.  Here is a visual introduction featuring the CR Way approach to a delicious, healthful calorie restriction diet:



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