Meeting at Spindler Lab may lengthen your life

It’s the morning after our meeting at the Spindler Lab in California. We are pumped. What an extraordinary time! We launched the CR-RNA study. It will likely help you determine many aspects of your lifestyle – ultimately helping to guide all of us in planning our CR Way lifestyles to improve health and likely extend lifespan even more.

We had fun photographing some of the highlights of our trip. Here, Meredith and Dr. Stephen Spindler pose for a photo.


Great studies like the one that follows this paragraph convinced us that Drs. Spindler and Dhahbi were the scientists who should look at the cell signaling of long term serious calorie restrictors. We wanted them to identify the cell patterns involved in slowing aging and focus on discovering compounds and lifestyle changes that could facilitate the body’s taking full advantage of living the CR Way.

Identification of Calorie Restriction Mimetic Drugs Using Microarray Profiling

Dhahbi JM, Mote PL, Fahy GM, Spindler SR.

Dept. of Biochemistry, U. California, Riverside, CA 92521, USA.

Physiological Genomics. 2005 Nov 17;23(3):343-50. Epub 2005 Sep 27.

PMID: 16189280

In case you are new to the idea of finding a CR mimetic, scientists have been looking for drugs that would mimic calorie restriction’s extension of life without limiting calories. Indeed, that will likely become possible from some of the discoveries you’ll learn about from the Spindler lab. And while that may be all that some people want from their CR Way lifestyle, there are those of us who love low-calorie living and hope that with the discovery of mimetics more people join the party. After all, it’s easy enough for us to limit calories by 25% or 30%, but that’s usually a cut-off point. It’s not wise for most humans to limit calories more than that because of the risks of decreased bone density and muscle strength caused by very low weight.

So we hope for additional ways to slow aging and, believe us, they are coming. Drs. Spindler and Dhahbi have just finished a multi-year study, identifying substances that will extend lifespan in lab animals. When we came into the office this morning, an email from Dr. Spindler was waiting in our inbox with the results from some of these studies that have been published. Here is one of them, showing that inhibition of certain kinases (Kinases are enzymes in your cells that facilitate energy transfer to activate cellular processes) can extend lifespan.

Novel Protein Kinase Signaling Systems Regulating Lifespan Identified by Small Molecule Library Screening Using Drosophila

Stephen R. Spindler,* Rui Li, Joseph M. Dhahbi, Amy Yamakawa and Frank Sauer

PLoS One. 2012; 7(2): e29782.

PMCID: PMC3 282711


Drs. Spindler and Dhahbi will join upcoming CR Way teleconferences. This is a rare opportunity to hear these scientists discuss their research and ask questions.  Find out more.

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