Type 2 diabetes can be cured by calorie restriction – Confirmed!!

Another study confirms that type 2 diabetes may be cured by following a calorie restricted diet.

When we started writing The CR Way to Great Glucose Control, we did not know that studies were about to be released that support our low-calorie approach to keeping glucose down, especially for those with type 2 diabetes.  Take a look at the introduction from this study. It starts by describing what many believe:

Reversal of type 2 diabetes – not possible many say:

Type 2 diabetes has long been regarded as a chronic progressive condition, capable of amelioration but not cure. A steady rise in plasma glucose occurs irrespective of the degree of control or type of treatment. Beta cell function declines linearly with time, and after 10 years, more than 50% of individuals require insulin therapy. The underlying changes in beta cell function have been well described and beta-cell mass decreases steadily during the course of type 2 diabetes. Overall, there is strong evidence that type 2 diabetes is inexorably progressive, with a high likelihood of insulin therapy being eventually required to maintain good glycemic control. *

Now look at the finding that the study revealed. It is appropriately titled:

Reversal of type 2 diabetes: normalization of beta cell function in association with decreased pancreas and liver triacylglycerol.

This study demonstrates that the twin defects of beta cell failure and insulin resistance that underlie type 2 diabetes can be reversed by acute negative energy balance alone. A hierarchy of response was observed, with a very early change in hepatic insulin sensitivity and a slower change in beta cell function. In the first 7 days of the reduced energy intake, fasting blood glucose and hepatic insulin sensitivity fell to normal, and intrahepatic lipid decreased by 30%. Over the 8 weeks of dietary energy restriction, beta cell function increased towards normal and pancreatic fat decreased.*
* Lim EL, Hollingsworth KG, Aribisala BS, Chen MJ, Mathers JC, Taylor R.
Magnetic Resonance Centre, Institute of Cellular Medicine, Campus for Ageing &
Vitality,  Newcastle University,  Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 5PL, UK.
Reversal of type 2 diabetes: normalization of beta cell function in association with decreased pancreas and liver   triacylglycerolDiabetologia. 2011 Oct;54(10):2506-14. PMID: 21656330


The study we reported on in our earlier blog: Reversing Diabetes Type 2 and Prediabetes – An open letter to President Obama – indicated a similar biological theme: A very low calorie diet helps burn away fat that often accumulates in internal organs when type 2 diabetes is present.

This illustrates the dangerous cycle overweight produces: When the body wraps internal organs in adipose tissue, they cease to function properly. This is why, for example, excess weight is so often associated with insulin resistance and poor glucose management: The pancreas simply cannot efficiently produce B-cells when it is caked in fat. So these studies have produced a great conceptual advance.

Congratulations the researchers for this perceptive, important work that can help millions of people! Note, however, that in neither study was the obese diabetic cohort able to sustain the 500- or 600-alorie regimens that the studies used. Further, neither study provided guidance on or support for making a smooth transition to a more sustainable diet that the participants could maintain for life.

The special edition of The CR Way to Great Glucose Control – Professional Practice is designed for use with patients that need to lose significant weight, who have glucose control issues and quite often have type 2 diabetes. This edition is sold only to doctors, clinical nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants, and similar medical professionals since ongoing medical supervision is required for the initial stages of the diet.

This special The CR Way to Great Control – Professional Practice edition features a delicious very low calorie meal plan that is sustainable for a short six- to eight-week period until the patient has lost enough weight that the metabolism can handle a higher calorie intake. Patients also receive all the benefits of the CR Way to Healthful Weight Loss program – supportive teleconferences, NutriBase CR Way edition software, and the CR Way to Happy Dieting – the multimedia program that helps them manage the emotional challenges of dieting, so losing weight is easy and fun!

Throughout the initial weight-loss period the medical professionals are advised to monitor their patients and to continue to work with us to support their safe, healthful transition to a meal plan that can be enjoyed for life.

Very often after the initial 6- to 8-week period, the patients will no longer need to take diabetes medications. Other medications for related conditions like high blood pressure may also be able to be discontinued.

If you need to lose substantial weight and have type 2 diabetes, ask your doctor to contact us for more details. It could be the beginning of a new way of living for you – without diabetes!

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