What if You Have Cancer?

If you have cancer, we will try our best to help you – working with you and your doctors to provide dietary and lifestyle approaches that have helped others fight the disease. We will need to know the type of cancer you have and any special risk factors that may have shown up in your blood tests.

We can then devise a special CR Way protocol that is customized for what is going on in your body.

Following a CR Way type of diet has been known for years to decrease cancer risk and slow metastasis. Other studies show that keeping glucose low may thwart some forms of cancer (See High Glucose Increases Cancer Risk)

Still others have found that lowering protein levels can affect cancer outcomes.

The CR way combines all of these dietary protocols as well as Daily Limited Fasting to give cancer patients the best chance to combat their disease.

Going beyond diet, the CR Way help you identify  holistic support so you have the best chance for healthful recovery.

Currently, the Web site has many resources that you can put to use immediately:

Cancer Page and sections in LivingTheCRWay.com


Fighting Cancer

         Fasting Strategies

Countering Risk Factors

·  Excess Protein

·  High Glucose

·  PSA – Risk and Rate-of-Aging Indicator



            Cancer-fighting recipes

Foods to Choose

            High Anthocyanin, Flavanol, and Proanthocyanidin Content


Cancer blogs

Exercise, cancer, and p53

CaReFOR – a Breast Cancer Research project

Centenarians – Low cancer, slow cell division, long life

Wine – Cancer, Heart Disease, and Longevity Effects

Cancer Prevention Forums

Even as we write this, the field is changing, and we think our current research focus on microRNAs with Drs. Stephen Spindler and Joseph Dhahbi holds great promise for extending life – with practical application to combating cancer.

In addition to dietary interventions, eliminating any contaminants that might affect your body’s ability to fight cancer and/or are cancer-causing themselves is critically important.

Please see Carcinogens under cancer and the latest content on Pure Water both essential to reducing cancer risk.

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