Would you set your house on fire?

If you had a fire extinguisher in the house, would you set your house on fire if you thought you could put it out?

Ridiculous, isn’t it!

In fact, if you made it a habit, eventually your fire extinguisher might not work and your house would burn down.

Think of the analogy with your own body. We talked with someone the other day who, when we suggested how to prevent arthritis, she said, there are medications for that. Sure, one could live a lifestyle that creates illness and indeed medications might take care of illnesses for a while. But is that not the equivalent of setting your house on fire? At some point, you might not be able to put the fire out.

We have a friend whom we love very much. She followed a dangerous high saturated fat, high GI diet along with smoking for her adult life, until around age 50. Then, all of a sudden, she faced a fire, she almost didn’t put out: a massive heart attack, triple bypass and now less than 20% of her heart muscle is available for use. You would think that she would take steps to put out the fire in her house, and yet, that didn’t happen. Yes, she let the smoking go but maintained the high saturated fat diet that would be likely to make anyone ill – much less a person who has already  had a heart attack. She was setting her house on fire again even when a part of it had burned down. Suddenly, one day she drove into her favorite fast food restaurant’s parking lot and blacked out. – letting her car hit another’s. When she got out of her car to assess the damage, she fell to the ground. Now, lying flat on her back in a nursing home, no one is sure if she will get a third chance to put her fire out.

The CR Way is about keeping your body optimally healthy. Most people find, after following the diet, they don’t even need the medications they thought were so important before. Let us help you keep from starting a fire you can’t put out and welcome you to a better, longer life.Become a Healthy Start Member. The price is good. It’s FREE! And the value is good too: PRICELESS! Nothing is more valuable than having your health.

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