Calorie Restriction Weight Loss

Calorie Restriction the CR Way™ – The Healthiest Diet for Losing Weight!

If you want to lose weight healthfully, you must consider calorie restriction. People are drawn to calorie restriction diet plans because they want more than just weight loss: They want to improve their health, prevent disease, and even extend their … Continued

The Calorie Restriction diet plan for optimal health

If you had a fire extinguisher in the house, would you set your house on fire if you thought you could put it out? Ridiculous, isn’t it! In fact, if you made it a habit, eventually your fire extinguisher might … Continued

When Calorie Restriction doesn’t work!

Some people say that a calorie restriction diet is difficult to follow. It used to be. But things have changed: Thanks to great work by leading scientists, calorie restriction is just as much about cell signaling as it is about … Continued