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Calorie Restriction: Glucose Control is Vital!

Those who follow calorie restriction the CR Way know that blood glucose control is emphasized (see Chapter 4, for example, “Glucose Control: The Sweet Spot in Longevity”). While many search for a drug to mimic the effects of CR or … Continued

Music Principles Improve Brain Power with Calorie Restriction and Dual N-back!

The CR Way uses calorie restriction to improve cognition in a similar way to how a great musician practices. For example, did you know that a well trained professional classical musician can immediately identify a performance by an amateur. Too … Continued

Improving Cognition with Calorie Restriction and BrainTraining

Many people think of calorie restriction as a low-calorie diet for weight loss or better overall health, but rarely as a tool for improving brainpower. Yet scientific studies abound with proven cognitive benefits for following a CR Way (Calorie Restriction … Continued